SBB universal locomotives Re 4/4 II - Re 420

Bahnfotos Schweiz


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The Re 4/4 II or Re 420 are universal electric locomotives of the SBB and are therefore used in all categories of passenger trains as well as freight trains. Heavy trains are carried in double or triple traction, Gotthard freight trains often together with Re 6/6. 

- Top speed 140 km / h

- Power 4700 kW

- Starting tractive effort 255 kN

- Manufacturer SLM, BBC, MFO, SAAS 


With 277 delivered locomotives, the Re 4/4 II is the largest series of locomotives in Switzerland to date. The Re 4/4 II was built and put into service for 21 years from 1964 to 1985. All locomotives are equipped with the VST IIId multiple control. 


Over 40 Re 4/4 IIs were discarded or canceled (as of spring 2021). More Re 4/4 II are for sale by for a minimum price of CHF 450.000. The Re 484, which are no longer required in Italian traffic, are used as a replacement.


All text information from Wikipedia.

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