Professional experience, Eng. BSc




Since 2013 I have my own company P.Trippi-Services for consulting and publication.


Being 25 years in Consulting Business with different Swiss Management Consultants companies in Switzerland and Germany till 2012, also with some projects in English with international companies. Now with my own company I will provide my experience to selected companies in the future. My first Just-in-Time and Lean Management projects I started in 1983 followed by Business Process Reengineering and ERP projects. 2012 I was awarded with the Best Business Transformation Award for the new supply chain and factory of HERO/Lenzburg in Switzerland.


Another 10 years I worked as COO in a cosmetic company and as well as in a consumer good distribution company with 160 and 300 employees.


Since 1.December 2016 I retired from Management Consulting Services.